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What is Auto LPG


Auto LPG is a clean burning, high octane and environment friendly fuel which are used as fuel in Cars, Vans, Autos etc. With over 9 million vehicles on the road worldwide, Auto LPG has demonstrated a strong safety record - one which is better than vehicles operating on traditional fuels such as Petrol or Diesel. The use of LPG as an automotive fuel has become legal in India with effect from April 24, 2000 with the prescribed safety terms and conditions.

Auto LPG has a high Octane Number (88) and low evaporation residue of our Auto LPG ensures high efficiency. Our Auto LPG is the purest form of LPG and does not have the corrosive properties of the LPG found in Domestic Cylinders. The Auto LPG we supply meets the 'IS 14861' standard as prescribed by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Benefits of AUTOLPG:
With the frequent increase in the fuel cost of petrol and diesel AUTOLPG has become one of the major alternate fuel to reduce the cost incurred for fuel. The higher energy content in this fuel results in a 10% reduction of CO2 emission. Some of the salient features of using AUTOLPG include,

  • Lower cost of fuel
  • Duel Fuel for vehicles
  • Increase Vehicle performance
  • Easy to convert & low maintenance
  • Eco Friendly fuel
  • Safe to use

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    COVAI LPG is in the business of parallel marketing of LPG for more than two decades covering a wide network cutting across Southern India. Its state of art Bottling Plant is located near Kinathukadavu, Coimbatore District.

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